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Access Ability (Uk) Ltd,
Suite 7, Silk House , Park Green,
Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 7QJ
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Supplier of Weapons Related Products and Systems

A new UK Operations building had been completed and the security had to comply with ITAR regulations and the conditions for confidentiality detailed by the USA Office of Defence Trade Controls. Agreements (e.g. contracts) between U.S. persons and foreign persons for the warehousing and distribution of defence articles must be approved by the Office of Defence Trade Controls before they enter into force. Such agreements must contain conditions for special distribution, end-use and reporting.

Following a detailed survey by Access Ability 12 doors were fitted with proximity controlled electric releases and 6 discreet cameras were connected to a web enabled network video recorder. Entry in the morning was through the rear doors and a system was devised to raise the high security shutters automatically on authorised entry. Exit at night was through the front doors and a separate reader with restricted access closed the steel shuttering.

Trudy, the administration manager, commented that the audit trail from both CCTV and access control was particularly convincing when their security systems were positively vetted. The trail also was also useful in establishing who was where and with which pool vehicle when speeding fines and other incidents occurred.

Outside normal working hours Sefton Security Services, an NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre monitors the site. Visual confirmation through the internet from the LookC web enabled CCTV system has provided fast alert and search facilities. Images were quickly extracted when an incident in the car park was detected and two men were subsequently apprehended.

The administration manager thought that the creative thinking in providing the customised security systems had proved really beneficial in the two years since the building became fully operational. (Identities have to be withheld due to the high security restrictions).

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