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The IT Manager is Secure in the City Centre

Kim is the IT Manager for one of the leading law firms in the North West. Based in the centre of Manchester, her role includes responsibility for the security of the building.

The main door of the building has a PAC electronic access control system and over one hundred staff are issued with personalised fobs. Visitors are admitted by the receptionist from the 1st floor.

Expansion of the practice led to the acquisition of three additional floors in a multi tenanted block across the road, including the creation of a Conference and Training Suite.

Due to the design of the building and its multiple tenants, security from the street level is poor, meaning that each floor has to be individually secured, to protect staff and equipment, while allowing staff easy access to the core services in the centre of the building. The chosen solution would ideally be able to restrict staff to authorized areas, due to their tendency to instantly occupy any vacant space such as the new training room, yet enable them to move freely around the offices in both buildings.

Kim contacted Access Ability who suggested adding three more doors to the existing system and upgrading to the latest software. The remote administration for the building across the road could be accomplished using the existing computer network.

Kim says that the work was carried out neatly so that all cabling was unobtrusive, with all the fob readers and emergency release break glass being placed in sensible and easily accessible locations.

The advice she received from Access Ability on health and safety requirements was most useful and she felt that the system solution was given on the basis of what was going to be the most effective for the practice, rather than maximising revenue.

The upgraded access system has now been in for over twelve months and has behaved faultlessly. However one day a door dropped on its hinge and caused a mechanical lock to jam and Kim found herself locked in the Training Suite.

A call to Access Ability resulted in a rapid service response from the Congleton based company and a relieved IT manager. Not only did they open the door and resolve the problem, they advised her on what to do if it should happen again.

Kim says "The benefit of the PAC system is that the fobs are anonymous, so that when staff lose them, there is less of a security risk. The PAC system allows us to centrally control access to areas in real time. Access Ability advised us on how to make best use of systems we already had in place and ensured that we complied with all the necessary safety requirements. It is important to us that our suppliers work with us to find solutions to our problems, rather than just sell us the latest systems. Access Ability certainly did this."

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