Computer Training & Advice

“Time is money” or so the saying goes. Our Computer training and advice services, can help you get more from your staff, the work they do and the equipment they use.

From speeding up their workflow, through to showing them how to solve simple IT based problems themselves, thus avoiding waiting for a system administrator to come along and press a few buttons.

Have you ever wondered why some members of staff produce more work than others? Maybe its down to the way that your staff use your computer system? It could be that specific staff are less efficient than others, purely because of a lack of IT skills. Personalised computer training could help them become much more efficient, and therefore productive.

We can help provide either, one to one training, or groups of up to 15 people at a time, to help show you and your staff, how to get more from your computer systems or we offer a “Day at the Office” service, where we spend a day on site, answering staff questions at their workstations.

If you would like to know more then why not give us call on 0300 0300 007 for a no obligation chat about increasing your staff and business productivity.

Our training service is currently only available in Cheshire, West Derbyshire and South Manchester and is provided by IT professionals with over 30 years experience of using PC’s. They communicate in non-intimidating, simple terms rather than “Geeky Technobabble”. Packages start from as little as £300.