Do you need to connect 2 buildings together on your company network?

Perhaps the location of the buildings on your site make installing traditional cabling difficult or expensive to install.

So, how do you get your network to other buildings on your company site or even further afield?

Well, there is a little known device called a Long Range WiFi bridge or Point to Point Wifi network. These devices, supplied and installed in pairs create a WiFi network between the pair of devices and depending on the distance can be placed metres apart or even kilometres apart and as long as they have line of sign will communicate between themselves seamlessly on your network.

If you have remote buildings some 200 metres away then installing a Point to Point Wifi bridge will allow remote devices to talk to each other via the WiFi bridge.

Accessability can install a Wifi Bridge at your premises and have installed hundreds of these WiFI devices over the past few years. We supply and install all the necessary equipment to make this a more viable option than traditional cabling and the civil works which maybe associated with traditional cabling.