Riverdale Apartments are located in Salford near Manchester and consist of two tower blocks with extensive secure parking and a leisure complex with gymnasium and swimming pool.

Residents are protected by a sophisticated access control system and a high definition CCTV system which covers the entire site including the leisure complex. Access Ability UK installed much of the new security over the last few years, updating an original PAC for Windows installation and overcoming major issues with the interconnecting cables between buildings, by utilising internet connectivity.

The most recent project was the replacement of an old analogue CCTV system with a state of the art digital installation utilising a new CAT5E infrastructure. The system consists of three 16 channel NVRs with adequate storage and both internal and external digital 4Mp cameras with motorised zoom lenses. All entrances and common areas are covered plus vulnerable areas like the cycle store, with 24/7 recording on all cameras, after dark images are supported by built-in infra red lighting.

Mike, the site manager says his job managing such a challenging project is made much easier with the upgraded technology.