Many of our clients take the view that a fully integrated security solution is the preferred option, to protect their site, staff and visitors. Getting security systems to work in harmony and sharing data if appropriate, rather than working in a “stand-alone” mode, makes the whole security system much more effective.

For example, a classic case is where an otherwise legitimate member of staff, tries his or her luck at getting into a secure area. The access control software will of course, deny access due to lack of permissions and flag it up as an alarm. This is obviously very useful, but is much more powerful if attached to the transaction, is a CCTV snapshot of the activity. It makes it difficult to deny the misdemeanour and removes the defence of “it was not me holding the card”.

Taking this principle to the next level, we can integrate activity detection from say, a breach in a perimeter fence, drive a PTZ dome camera to that location and send a text or email to the security response team, all automatically.

Our most demanding clients require centralisation of all the security systems across their network, including the CCTV, Intruder Alarms, fire alarms, over-temperature alarms, access control, lone worker etc. etc. This is where the high end solution like Milestone comes to the fore.

All our Integrated Systems are designed to work together as seamlessly as possible with the ease and simplicity of operation a main factor in the design criteria. Security staff need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently in the event of a crisis.

To achieve this, considerable time and effort is spent in consultation with the client to ensure that, what is often an expensive and complex investment, provides the best possible performance and reliability.