Before and after Mikki

Before Mikki

This is an example of before and after Mikki Tiamo has been to a job.

This is what we, at Access-Ability like to leave our jobs like after we’ve finished.

Mikki doesn’t like, poorly designed server cabinets and racks, be they large or small.

Mikki doesn’t like, cabinets and racks with wires which look like spaghetti. Wiring all over the place.

Mikki doesn’t like, when she turns up for jobs and the server cabinet looks like it’s been put together in the dark by someone wearing mittens.

Mikki does like, spending 10-20 minutes re-arranging things.

Mikki does like, making cabinets look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

and most of all…

Mikki does like, making cabinets and racks easier to work on. Whether that be for Mikki, another Access-Ability engineer, an engineer from another company, or even the customer themselves.


This is the latest before and after Mikki cabinet. She says it’s not perfect but it’s much better than when she first saw this cabinet.

Before Mikki

Before Mikki


After Mikki

After Mikki

Explosion at a Spaghetti Factory!!

Another challenge for Barry!

This Videx Century One intercom system has been in for many years, installed by others, we might add. Now we have to make some modifications to meet the client’s new requirements.

As the tech support engineer at Videx said, “good luck with that” when he saw the photograph. This is one of those classic poke and hope scenarios, where you endeavour not to make it worse as soon as you touch it.

We are happy to report that all is now working,  but unfortunately, we have not been instructed to sort the mess out properly, so  let’s hope it continues to work.

Argh! My eyes!

I see a lot of server cabinets and I see a lot of badly thrown together server cabinets but this one is bad on so many levels.

Firstly, the patch panel is in upside down and right at the bottom of the cabinet. It’s only just accessible. We can only think that it’s so low down so you can’t see it and it’s a tangled web of wires.

Although not a sin the wiring is all different colours and different lengths and when I opened the cabinet door they all fell out.


There is a shelf in there as well it’s just underneath everything and needs fixing in.

Our client has asked us to tidy this up next time we’re there so watch this space.